Member Support

Support is provided to ORCID-CA member institutions as follows: 

Providing administrative support to the Consortium

  • establishing the licensing agreement and fee payment
  • support to the governance committee

Managing and supporting new Consortium members

  • managing the on-boarding process for new members
  • be the primary contact between ORCID and ORCID-CA 

Be the central technical support contact to all ORCID-CA members

  • managing the resolution of Tier 1 technical support issues
  • managing the escalation of Tier 2 support issues with ORCID*
  • engaging with ORCID to ensure that member ORCID integrations are in accordance with ORCID guidance and best-practices.
  • acting as liaison between the ORCID-CA member community and the ORCID organization, to ensure that ORCID-CA member interests are represented and to deliver feedback to ORCID to support improvement and innovation.

*ORCID manages support for all Tier 2 technical issues