ORCID-CA Governing Committee

The Committee will provide governance and operational oversight for the Consortium in order for it to operate effectively and sustainably into the future.


  • Rosarie Coughlan, Chair (Queen's University), 2020
  • Robert Chen (University Health Network), 2020
  • Christina Hwang (University of Alberta), 2019
  • Inba Kehoe (University of Victoria), 2019
  • Kim Mears (University of Prince Edward Island), 2019
  • Tomasz Neugebauer (Concordia University), 2019
  • Stephanie Orfano (University of Toronto), 2020
  • Nicole White (Simon Fraser University), 2020
  • Guy Bilodeau (Université Laval), 2020
  • Lisa Goddard (University of Victoria)

ORCID-CA Advisory Committee

The ORCID-CA Advisory Committee will act in the interests of the Canadian scholarly community to provide expertise and advice to the ORCID-CA Governing Committee on leveraging maximum benefits through national adoption and use of ORCID.

  • Lisa Goddard, Chair (COPPUL)
  • Clare Appavoo (CRKN)
  • Trevor Davis (CARA)
  • Rachelle Desrochers (CIHR)
  • Susan Haigh (CARL)
  • Bartek Kawula (Scholars Portal)
  • Mark Leggott (RDC)
  • James MacGregor (PKP)
  • Catherine Podeszfinski (NSERC)
  • Marc Rousseau (Compute Canada)
  • Tobias Spears (CASRAI-CA)
  • Derek Trevorrow (SSHRC)
  • Tom Vitez (CANARIE)
  • John Barnett (OCUL)
Meeting Minutes