• ORCID-CA Governing Committee

The Committee will provide governance and operational oversight for the Consortium in order for it to operate effectively and sustainably into the future.


Rosarie Coughlan, Chair (Queen's University), 2020    

Ruth Cawdron (University Health Network), 2020

Christina Hwang (University of Alberta), 2019

Inba Kehoe (University of Victoria), 2019

Kim Mears (University of Prince Edward Island), 2019

Tomasz Neugebauer (Concordia University), 2019

Stephanie Orfano (University of Toronto), 2020

Nicole White (Simon Fraser University), 2020

Guy Bilodeau (Université Laval), 2020

Lisa Goddard (University of Victoria)

  • ORCID-CA Advisory Committee

The ORCID-CA Advisory Committee will act in the interests of the Canadian scholarly community to provide expertise and advice to the ORCID-CA Governing Committee on leveraging maximum benefits through national adoption and use of ORCID.


Lisa Goddard, Chair (COPPUL)

Clare Appavoo (CRKN)

Trevor Davis (CARA)

Rachelle Desrochers (CIHR)

Susan Haigh (CARL)

Bartek Kawula (Scholars Portal)

Mark Leggott (RDC)

James MacGregor (PKP)

Catherine Podeszfinski (NSERC)

Marc Rousseau (Compute Canada)

Tobias Spears (CASRAI-CA)

Derek Trevorrow (SSHRC)

Tom Vitez (CANARIE)

John Barnett (OCUL)

  • Meeting Minutes