How can my institution join the ORCID-CA Consortium?

Any Canadian institution may join the ORCID-CA Consortium by simply contacting us and requesting a member license agreement. Please contact for any additional information.

What would be the cost of membership for my institution?

The current membership costs are: ORCID license fee ($3500 USD) and the Member support fee ($3636 CAD).

What is the membership period?

The start date of a membership period for an institution is flexible and will continue until April 30th, 2022.

What are the benefits of ORCID-CA membership for my institution?

ORCID-CA membership grants members access to the Premium Member API which allows institutions to register, deposit, edit and update record information. In addition, consortia members receive a monthly member report as well as personalized technical support from the ORCID-CA Community Manager, Jeffrey Demaine. For a comparison of membership benefits, please consult the following chart:

What are the next steps once I’ve joined the ORCID-CA Consortium?

ORCID offers useful resources to help you plan your integration. The best place to begin is at the Member Support Centre. You can sign up there for an upcoming ORCID webinars, to learn more about the ORCID Registry, the ORCID APIs, and communicating and planning your integration. You can also look at some of the sample workflows or go directly to the API documentation.

You can also sign up for the API Users mailing list ( It’s a good platform to connect with the ORCID development team and other ORCID API integrators.

How many members of my institution already have ORCID iDs?

Once your institution has joined ORCID-CA, you will receive a monthly member report which includes information about the number of members in your institutions that already have ORCID iDs. If you are not yet an ORCID-CA member, please feel free to contact us and we can help you determine how many of your researchers have ORCID iDs.

What is the timeline for an ORCID integration?

Building an ORCID integration can take anywhere between 2 weeks for a vendor integration and 6 months for a custom built integration.

Who can I contact for questions about APIs, integrations and other technical issues?

Please contact the ORCID-CA Community Manager, Jeffrey Demaine [] for technical questions. Jeffrey will forward your request on to the technical leads at ORCID and can coordinate a meeting if necessary.

How can I share experiences and get help from other institutions implementing ORCID?

There is a listserv to encourage communication between ORCID-CA members, to sign up please contact

Are there other institutions implementing ORCID with systems (i.e Clarivate, PURE) like mine?

ORCID-CA has created a spreadsheet of its current members and their implementation projects. You can contact us at for more information and to help arrange a conversation between institutions.